Fixed Price Solutions

Fixed price programs are ideal for commercial customers who require complete pricing stability and a simple method for administering their energy procurement.  The price per kilowatt hour (kWh) is fixed for a prescribed period of time, avoiding market volatility.  A customized mix of renewable energy is included in a simple easy-to-understand invoice that is delivered by your local utility company (NStar).
Chart Market prices are volatile; they can change by a lot, quickly. With Fixed Price Solutions, your price is locked in to protect you from market price changes.
Chart With Fixed Price Solutions, your fixed price covers all your usage so you are not exposed to market price changes.
  • Simplicity—Select a contract term and your mix of renewable energy.
  • Cost Certainty—one fixed price for all usage types.
  • Budget Management—Keep to your budget and avoid market volatility.
Our Process

Drawing from historic usage data taken from your local utility company, we create a customized Load Profile for your company that outlines how much energy you consume and when. This helps us to gain an excellent understanding of what energy product might be right for you.

Your Load Profile is then submitted to many national suppliers and generators with a detailed request for proposal (RFP). Each of these companies then has a limited amount of time to submit their bid for your business. The resulting bids are then presented to you, along with some insight about past and future market conditions. You then have the power to choose who your next electricity supplier will be.

Seasonal Hedging Program

Wholesale energy purchasing through the New England ISO exchange is easy and transparent with our Seasonal Hedging Program. This flexible product allows commercial customers to lock down fixed energy prices during more volatile seasons (peak summer and winter), and ride the wholesale variable rates during less volatile seasons (spring and fall). Using simple forecasting intelligence methods, we advise you twice per year on the most advantageous times to lock in your three month rate and avoid pricing market increases.

No Premiums. Purchasing wholesale energy without premiums or mark-ups will give you a clear picture of what the actual cost of energy is on an hourly basis, and enable you to make decisions in the future to lock in at a favorable rate.

Seasonal Hedge Possibilities. You have the ability to shop for fixed price hedges in coming months. This means that you are able to choose in future months whether to lock in a portion or all of your usage at a favorable rate.

Fixed Ancillaries Cost. Our retail adder price allows you to forecast your non-energy cost for the term of your service and look to the wholesale market to see when would be the best time to lock in your electricity price. Retail adders include

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