Efficiency Made Easy (EME) From Constellation

In addition to meeting your procurement needs, Voyager Power offers a variety of programs designed to promote efficient and intelligent energy use.  We have all of the resources needed to successfully plan and execute a comprehensive energy solutions program that will create real, sustained economic benefit.

Energy Audits

Voyager Power has partnered with national leaders in demand-side management to provide additional cost-saving services to our customers. Our experts will complete a comprehensive audit of the energy consumption in your facility and make recommendations for renovations. You will be presented with an itemized listing of “Energy Conservation Measures” (ECM) unique to your building detailing current expenditures, the cost of updates, projected savings, and a rate of return on your investment. Voyager Power is up to date with all available rebate opportunities to maximize your savings. Additional funding is also available from our Demand Response programs.

Demand Response

The way your facility uses electricity can now save you money. The amount of generation capacity needed to assure electric reliability is outpacing current levels of supply. “Demand Response” programs have been gaining recognition as a viable alternative to building costly new generation. By agreeing to reduce your power consumption when called upon during peak demand events (think of a hot summer day), you will receive a payment tied to the amount of energy you conserved against your regular power usage. These programs are flexible as you can elect to begin reducing demand as quickly as 30 minutes after an event is called, or wait as long as two hours to begin curtailment. Most program participants will also receive a monthly payment just for being available even if no event is called. Online resources are available to view your facilities real-time power consumption, receive program updates, and view payment history. Voyager Power will manage the entire process from start to finish and handle all of the metering requirements, paperwork, and settlements on your behalf.

Billing Audit & Analysis

Our experts are available to provide bill auditing at agreed upon intervals or in cases where you receive a bill that just doesn’t look right.  We regularly save out customers money by uncovering billing errors related to improper tax treatment, rate schedule, or any number of additional factors.

Energy Market Updates

Whether your business needs occasional informal updates of the market conditions in order to strategize for future purchases, or if your business process requires formal market update presentations, our professionals can give you the insight that you need to understand where the market is, what is affecting it, and what the future may hold.