Our Process "Simple and Transparent".
Put the power of competition to work for your company.

Drawing from historic usage data taken from your local utility company (NStar, National Grid) on your behalf, we create a Load Profile for your company that outlines how much energy you consume and when. This helps us to gain an excellent understanding of what energy product might be right for you. Our clients have complete control over what percentage of green energy sources they would like to include with their purchasing strategy.

Your usage profile is then submitted to several national suppliers and generators with a detailed request for proposal. Each of these companies then has a limited amount of time to submit their bid for your business over the following twelve to 24 months.

All of the resulting bids are then presented to you, along with some insight about past and future market conditions. You then have the power to choose who your next electricity supplier will be. The ultimate goal is simple: create a comprehensive buying strategy that reduces cost and avoids market volatility. You will continue to receive a single bill from your local utility, such as NStar, and will continue to receive the same high level of reliability from your local utility. The only item that changes will be the supplier's name that is listed on page 2 of your monthly invoice.